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Common Questions

How much is Non Owners Insurance in Texas?

Never a charge for your Texas Non Owners certificate filing when you buy your auto / car insurance coverage through this site. Feel free to browse and request a quote online or call us for more information or personal assistance with an SR-22 in Texas

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What is Non Owners Auto Insurance?

Many of our Longview Texas underwriters now offer electronic service for you, When filed electronically it typically propagates state databases within 12 to 24 hours

What does a Non Owners Insurance Policy cover?

"Only Your Insurer" can Issue and sign your insurance certificate on your behalf. Your Insurer may file the Non Owners in Texas for you or give it to you to file yourself but only the company may Issue the certificate. It is unlawful for any other entity, or 3'rd party to issue a Certificate on your behalf without your companies consent and can void your policy under fraud and forgery statutes.

What is Secondary Coverage?

Answer: It's just ";Auto, or Car Insurance with an Non Owners certificate", or other coverage such as an Regular Operators or a Non Owners insurance Policy, dui insurance, Where the Insured has Requested Financial Responsibility filing for the state from the Insurance company. The Sr 22 insurance form is an endorsement to your auto liability insurance policy. This is usually the result of a Traffic Ticket for Driving Without the minimum financial responsibility (aka Auto liability Insurance), a DUI in Texas or other citations such as a charge for Possession of Controlled Substances, accidents or other traffic related incidents that may not have been covered by your insurance at the time.
30/60/25 or 85 total is the minimum auto liability insurance required limits indicating verifiable compliance for the state on behalf of the named insured

What Non Owners Auto Insurance does not cover?

It is important that the Driver understand the restrictions of this type of coverage. This type of Policy, often referred to as a "Drivers Policy" or an "Operators Policy". Non owners car insurance policies do not provide coverage for the following.
1. No Comprehensive or Collision insurance for the non-owned Vehicle.
2. No Coverage when operating a Rented vehicle of any type.
3. No coverage for any commercial or business use vehicle whether owned or non owned.
4. No coverage when driving any vehicle owned by the insured or any vehicle owned by any other resident at the address of the insured.
5. No coverage for any vehicle to which the insured has regular access whether owned or non owned.
6. No coverage for any vehicle with insured has a prior expectation of operation, owned or non owned.
7 No insurance coverage is extended to any other drivers.
Non owners insurance is for "unplanned, unexpected" usage only. When operating a non owned vehicle that you have an expectation of usage. The vehicle owners own insurance will have to provide your auto insurance coverage under permissive use rules of the vehicle owners insurance policy.
When Renting a vehicle you will still need to pick up the additional auto liability insurance coverage offered by the rental car company.
Contact us for more information about "Texas Non Owners Auto Insurance without a ( no ) car".

Make sure your insurer is aware of your requirement
Keep your policy active to avoid possible suspension. make premium payments on time and be sure your Company is aware of your requirements
Keep your Longview Texas mailing address current. It is required by law anyway and is also the address where the Department of Public Safety sends mail regarding licensing status and updates
Don't drive without insurance coverage. If you have a lapse, cease driving and replace your insurance coverage and Non Owners as soon as possible

Penalty for Failure to Maintain DUI, Non Owners insurance, TX

You need to maintain your Non Owners filing until your required filing period has expired. Your insurer has been required by law to notify the state by cancellation of your SR 22 when your attached auto insurance policy lapses, If not replaced with another insurance certificate, then your Drivers License along with vehicle tags and registrations can again be suspended.

I No longer Need an SR 22 Endorsement

Your Auto Insurance coverage continues in force unless you request otherwise. If you wish you may request the Non Owners Endorsement be removed when no longer needed. Remember, proof of Financial Responsibility is required for all drivers when on public roads in Texas. Our Underwriters usually already know of your driving history change, at the next renewal date your insurance premium rate is adjusted to reflect your most recent driving experience.
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We can in most cases have your insurance certificate ready and available as a same day service. You have the following options.

  • Free Instant Electronic service offered by many underwriters
  • Free SR 22 express file to the Capital
  • You can file it yourself at your local Drivers License office
  • If You have an attorney to handle this matter for you. Provide it to your attorney
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